Message given at Cypress Wesleyan in Central Ohio

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

  1. Billy Bowen says:

    Praise The Lord. I enjoyed the popcast and the TV interview. Kevin, you are so busy and your wife was be totally snowed under…is there a friend who you and Alex often see that would have the time to let us know how you, Alex, and your wife are doing? I check daily. You probably do not see that since I have read your book I am anxious to know what to pray for all of you. Every little bit of news is brings praise to God.

    For instance…saw Alex…he’s in fine spirits. Needs prayer for……….. His mom is so tired and needs God’s strength…… Alex watched a football game and …….. I suppose that is really intrusive. Yet through the book we are so connected to you. If we heard a weekly update on you, the wife, the other chiildren, and of course Alex….it would make me feell a little closer. Just want to share. I do not want to add to any stress or difficulty.


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