Alex’s Progress/Updates

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Please see our Facebook Fan Page for health updates on Alex


    My soul prays for Alex’s recovery. I lost a son in a car accident and I still lament his passing. But something tells me he is in Heaven and was greeted by Jesus Christ when he arrived at the entrance. Blesed be God, for he is all powerful and loves your son.

  2. Ruth Ann says:

    Would love to link up with you on Facebook Fan Page to read updates on Alex, but not sure what name to search for. Please tell me how to connect on Facebook. BTW, your book is totally incredible. I have been in physical therapy the past few months and have been buying it for the interns. God is amazing!

    • Nancy says:

      I’m in the same situation – I’d love to follow Alex’s progress but don’t know how to find the fan page. Would you post a link?

  3. Judith Roy says:

    I am not on facebook…which is the case with many of my friends. Is there another way we can keep in touch. I am very anxious to see Alex’s meeting with the Robson’s My continued prayer is that each day is another step towards Alex’s complete physical recovery. God bless, Judy Roy

  4. Joel says:

    i am half way through the book you have written and have already been very encouraged by the testemony of what God is doing. God always makes provision for his body. even though the journey is not over yet it seems as though Alex’s life and story have been a provision for my life.

    Praise the Lord!

  5. Lacey Ellis says:

    I am giving your book to a dear dear friend for her birthday today!! She is 95 today and beautiful as ever. God has given her true beauty inside an out – She will love this book – as we are Christians and she loves to read about Jesus and heaven. She has been a friend to my dad since my mom died three years ago.

    You are in my prayers – as is your family – what a loving testament you all are to the glory of God.

  6. Ted says:

    Kevin and Alex, I have been very moved by this book. Thank you so much for moving forward and sharing the amazing experiences you have and are still having. It has increased my faith. I am a sceptic as Kevin is. But God has allowed our family to experience the seeing of angels as well as being bothered by Satan. Not seeing him, but hearing him and feeling him push my daughter across the room, as well as slamming doors and turning off radio playing Christian music. Too many huge things such as this to be ‘coincidental’. Love you guys. Keep up the fight for Christ. Keep the main thing the main thing. Would love to hear from you.
    Ted Westbrook, Atlanta GA.

  7. allen says:

    Stay Strong!

  8. Renee Newkirk-Avery says:

    Hello, Mr. Kevin and Alex Marlarkey, I’ve never done this before but my daughter told me your story and from the things that she told me that she read an heard about your son Alex, I know is 100% true. I’ve been experincing the activities of heaven since I was a child. I’ve seen some the things in my life time. They are very hard to explain to family and friends because it sounds made up. I know that God allowed your son to see these things to let us know that He is real. He knew that you would believe you son more anyone else. I’m so happy that your baby had a chance to meet my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What a gift. Tell your son to keep telling his story of his visit to heaven becuase more people will be saved this way. I know that God will keep Alex safe and healthy to finish what he must accomplish and that is to reach those that are lost and unsure about who God and Jesus is. I love you all and I pray God’s Strength and Blessings Upon You And Alex. Amen

  9. Randy Meyer says:

    Good morning Kevin! We are keeping you, Alex and your family in our prayers. We know that God makes miracles happen every day. Are son kris is living proof of God’s blessings. We almost lost Kris 16 years ago. Kris had a spontaneous infraction to one his arteries from his spinal cord to his brain. To this day they do not know what caused it, but we know that God healed him. I know that you must be flooded by stories dailey. If you would like to hear more of our story please email me. We are reading your book right now about your story. God bless all of you.

  10. Debbie says:

    I have read your book over and over again. Thing is, I haven’t read to the end. I am prolonging it. I am reading every single word, marking pages, memorizing, but again, I don’t want it to end. I so need everything in this book right now. I need your words. My faith is strong. I have others telling me that “she is going to die. Her liver is covered in cancer.” I am not giving up. I hear the voices. Yesterday the surgery that was to occur could not take place because it is cancer and there is nothing that can be done. I believe in miracles. I hear voices. I don’t want to believe that it is me saying things to convince myself. I am putting total faith into the healing powers of God. Like you mentioned in your book, if I listen and put all my faith into these voices and she dies anyways when the voices are telling me that God hears me, he loves me, and because of my faith he will heal her, I will be numb, confused. My own family is questioning my reality. I am fully aware of what can happen, BUT we are human. The power of God is greater. I want so much to believe fully that the tumors on the liver are going to be taken away and all bad cells removed. I am drinking your book, every word of it. I have a clamness, why I don’t know. People are telling me do what you need to do. This isn’t what I need to do by putting all my faith in God to heal her, it is because I believe that with God all things are possilbe. People are telling me it is her time to go. Yet I think as a child goes to a parent and requests something. The parent could say it isn’t going to be, but can change one’s mind. My prayers are pure. I only pray that God, Jesus, the angels hear how my heart is breaking but I am NOT GIVING UP even though the prognosis is grave. Alex is giving me such strength. I had a NDE back on July 4, 1989 and experienced my own, but nothing like Alex. I truly without a doubt believe that if God said that Alex will one day be fully healed then he will. God’s time. Mr. Malarkey, I know you have your hands just completely full but if you could email me I would so much appreciate it. It is the faith and belief I need to understand if these voices are real. Even if she dies, my faith will never falter especially after all that Alex and your family have experienced. I can’t thank you enough for writing this book with Alex. It is all about God, all about him. You are in human form and I would so love to hear from you.

  11. Novia Minto says:

    I will continue to pray for Alex’s recovery; I know that God will heal him compleately if he wishes to do so; I believe that God sent him back for a reason and will fullfill that which he wants Alex to do.
    My soul just praise God, for sending Alex back to tell us about heaven and that truely there is a heaven that his people will go some day. Although, I’m truly lost for words at this time. I am so happy right now i cannot explain. Although, I don’t know you all in person, I feel close to the family. As the word of God says we’re all one in Christ this must be true because I feel so excited and happy for Alex return I cannot explain. I will continue to pray for Alex, God bless you all. This is a MIRACLE! Thank God for ever more.

  12. yes i also have just read your book Alex and Kevin praise God you Alex almost remind me of Joseph praise God hallelujah. i am a man of 78 years old i love to read Gods great stories of all his love for his children. i also with all the many brothers and sisters in Christ pray for your continuing healing also your sharing the gospel of Jesus Jesus yes yes yes lord amen

  13. Mary Leonard says:

    I read your book about Alex and I loved it. I pray for Alex and ask God to continue helping him in every way. I would like to ask you and Alex to pray for me also. I am not where I should be as far as God in my life. I am really a mess and am usually so depressed and full of doubts and also afraid and lonely. I lost my husband 2 years ago and I feel like I am losing every thing including my mind, my religion and my hope. Please ask God tp put me back where I should be. I cannot seem to move forward any more. Thank you, Mary. P.S. I love your whole family and will continue to pray for you but I don’t know if God will listen to my prayers.

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